*Submit your work, any type of work (story, essay, memoir, poem, or video); there is no length requirement or limit. 

*Just one rule: if you submit a video, please do not include any nudity.  It violates our Patreon contract, and we do need Patreon to offset some of our costs.  

*There is NO submission fee (although subscribing through Patreon will get you to the top of the submissions pile).

*We will pay you somewhere between 1 dollar and 100 dollars for your work.  And your work may appear on our website, our YouTube channel, and a themed anthology, which we will market and attempt to get distribution for. 

Please make us smirk.  Or say to ourselves, “Clever.  Clever.”  Or open our mouths at the surreality of your world.

*We are completely independent from any institution; most major literary journals are financially subsidized by universities, colleges, and large institutions.  We are just individuals throwing money into a Boy Scout campfire without any guidance from den mothers.  

So write freely; let the cheese burn on the grill.

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