We are Catbird Lit, an American journal of humorous writings and visual arts based in Austin, Texas. 

Not of, or relating to, Dogma, Catbird seeks to foster a community of varietous and riotously (not righteously) funny creators in Austin and in the larger state of Texas. 

We revel in rebel voices; cast forward outcasts; and structure the lawless, braless populace into humorous narratives and uncowed utterances.  

Get out of your silo, farmer.

Stick out like an oddly-shaped thumb. 

We especially seek to publish the war you prosecute inside you, your internal struggle regarding culture, identity, bond and blood. We want you to proudly shirk; to bare and bear your vulnerabilities before us; to peep us with your weaknesses and shames.

Do not try to be funny. Tell us a story, a barbaric yarn, drain your heart through a dirty dollar bill reserved for low-grade Bolivian coke. And if it is humorous and complex and not ranty or one-trick pony-ish, then send it to us. 

You can have an opinion, just not the same one we’ve heard a thousand times or  told in the same way a million times. Write what others cannot or will not write in the way they hadn’t thought of writing it.

Join our community whether you are a writer or a reader or a marveller. We need community. We need you. 



Tell us something good