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Corporations Care

Catbird Lit is Proud to Present “Corporations Care” by Actor/Writer/Director Hollis Edwards of Austin, Texas. See our upcoming interview with him, coming soon! Read More

Hollering Zen Cones, Part 2

Recently, an older Chinese lady stopped me on the trails near my home. She said my 16-month old son was beautiful. I said, thank you. She added that he looked like a hermaphrodite. I returned the compliment. She looked askew at me. I am glad that my son looks like a cute hermaphrodite (zhong-xing). I Read More

Our First and Last Day on Earth

Renowned poet Charlie Brice is getting older. Bolder. Brighter. Lighter. Or just more aged. Upon turning 70, he lost his sight and then his hearing. Or was it the other way around? He cannot remember. From Charlie comes four flashes of one night: Four Haiku At night in bed my dreams hide behind a glass Read More

Hollering Zen Cones

Success After reciting my poem and making a few explanatory remarks, you point at my nose and say, “You have a hanger-on.” I wonder, is this what success feels like? From Jillian Brady’s new book, Machines that make Machines, available here. This poem, for me, is in part about acceptance of the lives and struggles Read More

Ha! Stereotypes Ha! Story/Video Competition

Story, Essay, Memoir and Video Competition $300 for the winner, or split between multiple winners. Stereotypes can kill.  But that’s not funny. That’s tragic.   Create something at least somewhat humorous or amusingly ironic or smirkingly kafkaesque.  Pictured above is Radio Raheem from Spike Lee’s most important joint, Do the Right Thing. The movie alternated between funny Read More