The Creators

Nicole Cortichiato has intimate knowledge of the degenerative disease Muscular Dystrophy.

Irwin Tang is a diseased degenerate.

He has written and published five books, four of which he published through his own company.  All five books were distributed through bookstores, libraries, and online.  All five benefited from major publicity campaigns.

Kelsey Taylor, the Managing Editor of Catbird Lit, has disproportionately long arms with fingers in which she uses to type-type-type. Her favorite bodily sensation is a wasabi stress signal being sent to her brain. (She likes to FEEL things!) Tweet her @jaded_sweetpea

Jillian Brady is a librarian and freelance writer in Austin, Texas. She delights in categorizing the collective memories of the world. Recent work has appeared in Can We Have Your Ball Back?, Sweet Literary Journal, and Women on the Border. Her 2020 collection of poetry, Machines That Make Machines is now available.

They all reside in Austin, Texas, but Catbird Lit seeks creators from all corners of this sphere. We speak of our Cubist Earth.

More on Nicole C: This lady is a writer with narcolepsy who resides on the edge of consciousness.

You’ll find her napping in unusual places and making a life of joy and service. She’s published numerous poems, plays, and children’s stories that blend fiction with reality, dark humor with optimism.

Her short play “Fries” was produced by Tilt Performance Group in 2019. She also won 2nd place for her TV script “How to Grow a Man” at the First Three Pages Live Competition put on by ColdTowne Theater and the Austin Film Festival in 2018.

If you’re ever at an open mic in Austin, chances are you will see Nicole perform. She’s been a featured at Owen Egerton’s “One Page Salon.” She rocks out on the theremin and gives life advice for the band, NICOLE AND ERIC’S GUIDE TO A MEANINGFUL LIFE.

She lives with her partner and two demanding corgis.