Month: September 2020

Confessions of a Phone Slut

BY LEAH MUELLER The silver-tongued Leah Mueller sneaks us into the world of 1970s phone addiction. If you drop out of college before you turn 20, you might end up selling sex for a living. At least, this was true in 1979, before the internet was a prayer inside the testicles of porn entrepreneurs. Jerking Read More

Dung, Part Two

[This is Part Two; see Part One here]      I stand before the fishmonger at the compact grocery west of the university. I am sick with letters; broken with images; music has shackled me; I have undermined Nature, Father Time skips over me.      Phrases of unknown origin Chinese my brain. Can “Chinese” be used Read More

Our First and Last Day on Earth

Renowned poet Charlie Brice is getting older. Bolder. Brighter. Lighter. Or just more aged. Upon turning 70, he lost his sight and then his hearing. Or was it the other way around? He cannot remember. From Charlie comes four flashes of one night: Four Haiku At night in bed my dreams hide behind a glass Read More