Ha! Stereotypes Ha! Story/Video Competition

Story, Essay, Memoir and Video Competition

$300 for the winner, or split between multiple winners.

Stereotypes can kill.  But that’s not funny.

That’s tragic.  

Create something at least somewhat humorous or amusingly ironic or smirkingly kafkaesque.  Pictured above is Radio Raheem from Spike Lee’s most important joint, Do the Right Thing. The movie alternated between funny and fatal.

Write or produce a story, essay, or video, true or fictional, that has something to do with stereotypes. It can be focused on stereotypes or only tangentially related.

It can be about stereotypes dealing with race, gender, age, ability, occupation, region, beauty, weight, intellect, or anything.  It can be about the stereotypes of Asian men (one of us here has been writing around that topic for decades).  It can play off of stereotypes of police. Or what it means to be a blonde capitalist. Or stereotypes about hoarders and war veterans; Vietnamese anti-Communists and Mexican American gangsters (Please, Mr. Trejo, please contribute something.)

It does not even have to be about humans. Get furry with it (uh-oh).

Perhaps the stereotype only appears in your story at its climax.  Or perhaps it is incorporated into your very personal essay about your genitalia. Perhaps the stereotype is your obsession.  Or simply the obsession of a divided American society.

We as a society and as a well-rounded globe need to laugh at, or about, stereotypes and the people who use them, or fit them, or buck them, or abuse them.  

Here’s how to submit your work. It must be a written work or a video.  If it’s written, give us access to a googledocs file or send us a pdf or rtf or word file.  If it is a video, please send us a link to it on Youtube or Vimeo.
Submit your work with a cover letter mentioning your name, email address, social media, and if this work has been published before. Also tell us about yourself.  

And finally, but just as important, you must subscribe to Catbird Lit through our Patreon page.  You may cancel any time after the competition.

Please be aware that by submitting your work, you are allowing us to publish it on the Catbird Lit website, book, or on our YouTube channel.

Deadline: November 1 so we can announce a winner on Thanksgiving Day!

Please, please send us something; we believe in you; you are somebody important in this world; let the world see you, all of you, yes, even that stuff that comes out of that hole in your elbow.  That is the angle of your soul.

More DETAILS: We reserve the right to cancel the competition or award no award. We need enough entrants in order to crown a winner.

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