Month: July 2020

I’m Not Your Fucking Inspiration

Waukegan, Illinois March 9, 2017 (Staring out the window at the birds hungrily eating at our bird feeder.) DEAR GOD, Ever play the “what if” game? Like what if everyone in the world had to put their toenail clippings in one landfill? Then, what if an artist was hired to make a sculpture out of Read More

Ha! Stereotypes Ha! Story/Video Competition

Story, Essay, Memoir and Video Competition $300 for the winner, or split between multiple winners. Stereotypes can kill.  But that’s not funny. That’s tragic.   Create something at least somewhat humorous or amusingly ironic or smirkingly kafkaesque.  Pictured above is Radio Raheem from Spike Lee’s most important joint, Do the Right Thing. The movie alternated between funny Read More