Month: April 2020

Chinese Buckwheat

Presenting the first chapter of Bing Bang, an ongoing memoir by Mr. Bing Bang, a weak-willed Oriental American publicly pondering his life and surreal times. In this installment, “Chinese Buckwheat” aka Bing Bang drops a flaming crayon on his polyester pants. Southern Baptist madness ensues.

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Dung (part one)

The first offering of a multi-part and multi-weird story by Elmo Dung himself, the legendary underground artist most known for his wordplay and self-perceived cleverness.

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Three Bad Babes (Pt 1&2)

I suffered through a sexual trauma as a child. It was mostly because of my sister. No, she didn’t molest me or anything. But she did something that was unforgivable, unfathomable, at least in our family. Read More